F2003. Pipe bridge

F2003. Pipe bridge

Steel, truss pointer pipe bridges.

Span width max. 15 m.

Steel construction (not fire proofed) painted.


  • pile foundation;
  • provisions for cable trays.


  • treating and dumping cost of contaminated ground;
  • exploratory trench excavation;
  • provisions for underground infrastructure;
  • walkway on pipe bridge;
  • provisions for extension in the future;
  • terrain finishing.
Type Price per m
From Till
1-column support with coulings in the longitudinal direction 900,- 1.150,-
Small, 1- of 2-layer piping bridge with minor load 1.650,- 2.050,-
Broader, 1- tot 2-layer piping bridge with larger horizontal load 2.500,- 3.000,-
Heavier, 3- tot 4-layer piping bridge with larger horizontal load 3.300,- 3.900,-