F7020. Office buildings, Roof surface area (RA)

F7020. Office buildings, Roof surface area (RA)
Main element Description Specialty Price per m2 RA
(27) Roofs Concrete walls, columns and roof floors Poured in situation 190,-
Concrete walls, columns and hollow core slabs Prefabricated 175,-
Limestone bearing walls and hollow core slabs Limestone glued 145,-
Concrete walls, hollow core slabs Walls in poured in situ 155,-
Steel frame and prefab hollow core slab floors 155,-
With lightweight concrete roof plates 148,-
With steel roof plates 110,-
Steel frame (hat beams) With hollow core slabs 220,-
(47) Roof finish Insulation PS-foam, flat roof, Rc = 3m2.k/W 17,-
PUR-foam, flat roof, Rc = 3m2.k/W 28,-
Mineral wool, flat roof, Rc = 3m2.k/W 19,-
Foamglass 53,-
Roof covering APP 21,-
SBS 19,-
EPDM 34,-
PVC Synthetic 22,-
(61) Central electrical supply Lightning protection high-rise buildings 3,-