E1003. Installation of instruments

E1003. Installation of instruments

The cost of a total installed control loop (instrument loop) depends on:

  • selection of instruments and material;
  • infra structure and signaltransfer (convetional cables, fieldbus, radio- or phone connection);
  • complexity of the control action (e.g direct reading, alarm, feed forward control);
  • safety classification (SIL, ATEX, PED).


  • instruments (e.g. sensors, signal transmitter, control valves, valves);
  • all required material for connecting to process and instrument air;
  • cables, cabletrays and additional material;
  • hardware and software for process control system;
  • calibrating, testing and put into operation;
  • installation- and program costs.


If installing during operational production the costs will increase 15 - 20%.

Description Price each
Single measuring 58.500,-
Complex control circuit 117.500,-